We have news of big new attractions on two continents and big policy changes at the top two resorts in Orlando.
Is Disney, Universal or another company leading the industry right now? Our readers have their say. Plus, a new coaster debuts as a classic says…
Knott's Berry Farm looks to change its audience, while Dollywood prepares for a big announcement. Our Texas trip report continues, and there's news from…
Six Flags scores with an impressive new coaster at Magic Mountain, while a trip to the original park outside Dallas doesn't measure up as well…
One new theme park is having a real tough time, while a fictional park finds a new home. Also, a new coaster debuts in Colorado, while an old one goes…
Will Disney Wish entice more of the company's theme park fans to upgrade to a cruise vacation?
Cedar Fair announces the sale of the land under one of its California theme parks, as Walt Disney World dips from a planned high-speed rail line across…
Disney stirs things up once again, while one of LA's biggest sports stars checks into the Halloween game.
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